Who are we?

We are Dustin and Janneke van de Sande. We live with our 3 kids, a girl and two boys, in the beautiful Oisterwijk, The Netherlands. Janneke works as a communication advisor, is a great animal fan and loves to be creative. Dustin works as a software engineer, loves to squash and isn't very fond of making choices. To say it nicely...


We both like quality. We prefer less and better instead of more and garbage. When we buy something new it costs a lot of time. One the one hand because Dustin finds it difficult to make the good choice. On the other hand because it takes a lot of time to find out which product is best. Because we have little time. A family with 3 young kids is pretty busy. To say it nicely ;-)

That's why Dustin had the idea to create a solution for this. Something which makes life a little easier. Something that makes choosing a little faster and easier. That's how Cherrle® is created. A website and app with products and items which are worth it. Products you don't want to miss, books you have to read. Apps which you have to have. Everything you find here is quality stuff, so your choices take less time.

All you have to do is add all products and items you love to your list. Because your friends may have an impact to this, you can link them on Cherrle® and view their lists. This way you can provide eachother great things. This also comes in handy with birthdays, because your wishlist is easy to share and friends can check off a gift.

Dustin van de Sande


Janneke van de Sande

Mark 12
5061 RL Oisterwijk
The Netherlands