How can you offer this for free? What's the catch?
We work with commissions for products and iOS apps. That means when your buying a product or app using our site, we will receive a small percentage of commission. That's why you don't have to pay anything. We'll do our best to keep it this way without ads.

Cherrle? Why the name and cherry?
Cherrle® has to do with sharing. Share all sounds like Cherrle®. We share ideas with you of which we think are a perfect match. You share your favourites with friends and vice versa. This way you have a quick way to all the best. Do you recognize that for instance your child would like to have one special present in perticular? The one present that makes the party complete..? That's why we chose a cherry. The addition which makes the party complete!

Is it meant for wishlists only?
You can use Cherrle® as you please. You don't have to create a wishlist with items you can check. You can create lists with your favourites on which we will send you inspiration. You don't have to share this if you don't want to. Turn your lists into private lists and their only visible to you. You decide. We will make choices easier.

How can I change my privacy settings of my lists?
Using the wizard your lists will be made public so everyone who's not on Cherrle® can view your lists. If you don't want this, click "My lists" and the pencil "Edit" to change the settings of your list. The option privacy lets you choose between "Everyone", "Friends" or "Private".

It looks like advertising to me. Isn't it?
When you ask a friend for advice and he recommends a product. Does it feel like advertising? Probably not. We will not send you messages when do don't want us to. We are not repeating messages and don't benefit by promoting specific products. You can see us more as an advisor. We'd like to inform you about great stuff that fit's your needs.

Will I be spammed?
We hate spam as much as you do. That's why we've combined messages to reduce the amount of mails. You can also turn off any type of mail.

Is your question not listed?
Do you have another question? We would love to help you. Ask your question below and we will contact you.

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