How does it work?

Intelligent machine
We don't select what's best. Cherrle® is designed to fit your needs. Stuff you're already a fan of sets a base for more stuff you like and don't know yet.

The lists you create will become smart lists, because our editors can send you suggestions based on the items you like. This way Cherrle® gets to know you and becomes your personal shopper.

We also create lists to inspire you, so you can scroll through products many visitors adore. See something you like? Add it to your own list by a press of a button.

What's in it for me?
Cherrle® contains favourite items of al her members and our editors. This way you only see top notch products. No more worries of buying junk. Choices made easy.

Do you also want to experience the benefits of Cherrle®? Follow these steps:

Step 1

Create a profile on

After creating a profile you need to check which categories you would like to create lists for. Like products, for your wishlist, or Apps, recipies, books, and more.

We give you some examples of which you can like. This way we will get to know you a little to give you proper suggestions.

Step 2

Check which public lists you want to follow. You can browse them later and you will get notified where something is added. Link your friends to your profile, or invite them.

Step 3

Fill your lists with items you are fond of and items you would like to have.

Whats next...

Be inspired by lists of your friends. And receive new suggestions based on your favourites.

Actions per item

Each item has some actions available.

Check When you set a list to be checkable, you can also set who are allowed to check the items. For instance, only others, because it's your wishlist for your birthday, or only by you, because it's a todo list, like books you would like to read.
Webshops/website When you attached your item to one of our services, you will get extra actions. Direct links to online webshops, ratings, previews etc. Or you can visit the website you have set yourself.
Comment You can add a comment to an item of your friend.
Add/Remove from list Add an item to your own list, or remove it.
Follow/Unfollow Follow an item. You will get notified when something changes, or somebody checked it.
Suggestion Send the item to a friend. You can add your personal message.
Share Share the item using social media or e-mail.
Go to list When a shared item is opened you get a action button to go to the list containing the item.

Do you have a question? Check our faq, or ask us.

Would you like to see how a profile looks? Check this example.

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